cloudflow configure

Configures a deployed Cloudflow application.


Configures a deployed Cloudflow application.

kubectl cloudflow configure [flags]


$ kubectl cloudflow configure my-app --conf my-config.conf

Configuration files in HOCON format can be passed through with the --conf flag. Configuration files are merged by concatenating the files passed with --conf flags. The last --conf [file] argument can override values specified in earlier --conf [file] arguments. In the example below, where the same configuration path is used in file1.conf and file2.conf, the configuration value in file2.conf takes precedence, overriding the value provided by file1.conf:

$ kubectl cloudflow configure swiss-knife --conf file1.conf --conf file2.conf

It is also possible to pass configuration values directly through the command-line as [config-key]=value pairs separated by a space. The [config-key] must be an absolute path to the value, exactly how it would be defined in a config file. Some examples:

$ kubectl cloudflow configure swiss-knife cloudflow.runtimes.spark.config.spark.driver.memoryOverhead=512
$ kubectl cloudflow configure swiss-knife cloudflow.streamlets.spark-process.config-parameters.configurable-message='SPARK-OUTPUT:'

The arguments passed with [config-key]=[value] pairs take precedence over the files passed through with the --conf flag.


  --conf stringArray       Accepts one or more files in HOCON format.
  -h, --help               help for configure